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Why ”Putting Yourself First” is Not Selfish

October 3, 2014

For years we’ve been told that we should put the needs of everyone else before our own. We hear that message everywhere. I have struggled with the feeling of selfishness whenever I do something for myself.

I recently read an article in the ” Best for Women” magazine published by Soroptimist Intl, that changed my viewpoint on this subject. In the article, Patricia Donoghue uses the example of the oxygen masks on an airline. We’re told to put on our own masks first, then help those around us. Why do the airlines tell us this? Because we can’t help anyone else if we’re suffocating!

What we’ve lost over the years is a sense of self. We’ve become so fixated on helping others that we’ve let ourselves wither away. How can we help others if we’re not taking care of ourselves? What good are we to others if we are stressed beyond our limits, or fall ill because we’ve pushed ourselves way to hard?

This doesn’t mean that we should not do for others. I’m saying the exact opposite. We need to keep ourselves healthy and stress free, so that we CAN do for others! We need to learn that saying ”no” is sometimes a healthy response.

Finding the balance is the difficult part. That balance is different for different people, including me. Every day, I struggle to figure it out.  There’s no magic formula, no single correct way to do it. What I DO know is that you have to take care of yourself first, and then you’ll be healthy enough to help others around you!

20 Tips to Relieve Stress Quickly

October 1, 2014

Reblogged from BeautiControl:

Need to relieve stress quickly? Try these 20 tips to decompress…


  1. Take deep breaths. Breathe deeply from within your diaphragm 10 times, letting out each breath slowly.
  2. Light candles, day dream, relax your muscles.
  3. Take some “me” time. Whether it’s a few minutes each day or an hour a week, take time for YOU to relax, refresh and rejuvenate.
  4. Laugh more! Share your laughter with a few of your best friends when you host a relaxing Spa with your BeautiControl Independent Consultant.
  5. Detox your mind and your body with a BC Spa Detox Detoxifying Bath Soak.
  6. Meditate. No need to go on a retreat to a Spa – five minutes of peace is all it takes to reap the benefits of meditation.
  7. Refresh your tired eyes in as little as 5 minutes with Skinlogics® Refreshing Eye Pads. Lean back, relax and soothe your tired eyes. Tip: refrigerate them for an extra burst of freshness.
  8. Stay organized. Keep a daily schedule, clean out your garage, rearrange your closet, throw away old papers from your office. De-cluttering can really help to distress and prevent future headaches.
  9. Treat yourself to a quick manicure and hand massage with BC Spa Manicure.
  10. Drip cold water on your wrists. When stress hits, dropping a little cold water on your wrists and behind your earlobes can help to cool the major arteries right under the skin and can help calm your whole body.
  11. Start off each morning with a pep talk. Practice saying something like, “I am valuable; I deserve to take care of myself; I will achieve my goals for today; I am beautiful inside and out.”
  12. Keep a good book handy. Waiting in a long line? There’s no better way to make a line feel short than by reading your favorite author.
  13. Start a new hobby. Engaging in a creative activity — learning a new instrument, painting, singing, taking a craft class — can reduce tension and anxiety.
  14. Escape on a journey to ultimate tranquility with one mist of Tierra Azul Calming Fragrance. Your mind will come to ease with the soothing aromas of anise, white cinnamon, black currant blossom and vanilla. An infusion of nourishing botanicals with moisturizing complex leaves skin with a light, evolving scent that keeps you feeling indulged no matter where you are.
  15. Sip Green Tea. Green tea is a great source of L-Theanine, a chemical that helps relieve anger according to
  16. Add some spring to your step with a relaxing pedicure. Rub your feet over a golf ball for a quick and easy foot massage. Follow with BC Spa Pedicure Cooling Foot Salve to help revitalize tired, achy feet.
  17. Keep your body working efficiently. Drink plenty of water, limit your alcohol intake and stay away from smoking.
  18. Find the sun. If it’s a sunny day, go outside for some quick stress relief.
  19. Rejuvenate your senses with a scientific blend of natural ingredients and aromatherapeutic essential oils. Spray BC Spa Detox Refreshing Mist on your face or body for instant refreshment.
  20. Contact your BeautiControl Independent Consultant to schedule a complimentary Spa with your friends in the comfort of your own home! You’ll enjoy one hour of total relaxation with treatments that leave your skin looking flawless, your body feeling rejuvenated and your mind feeling de-stressed. Don’t forget to ask her about our famous Spa Neck Wraps!

Are you adding years to your face with any of these beauty blunders?

September 29, 2014

Reblogged from BeautiControl:

Adding years to your face

  1. Foundation that’s too light – If you use a foundation shade that’s paler than your skin tone it will exaggerate your fine lines and wrinkles. Contact your Independent Consultant to help match your skin tone perfectly with liquid or wet/dry foundation.
  2. Too much concealer on dark circles – Our skin under our eyes gets thinner and thinner each year as we age which can make thick concealer look like paste. Keep your concealer light and airy by applying with a brush to distribute the color more evenly. Be sure to only apply to the dark circles, not your entire under eye.
  3. Incorrect blush placement – Applying blush to the just the apples of your cheeks can draw attention to sagging skin. Instead, you should always apply blush to the highest point on your cheekbones, swirling up and out with a circular motion toward the top of your ear.
  4. Not using lip liner – As we age, our natural lip line can begin to fade. This can cause our lipstick to bleed and feather out. Avoid this by using a primer with a lip liner. First, apply a shadow or face primer and let dry. Then, apply lip pencil by drawing a line at the bottom of the lower lip. Then using light, feathery strokes, work your way down from each corner to connect the line. Do the top lip in the same way: adding a line in the center, then joining it with lines from each corner.
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